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  • Make It Right


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  • Right Where You Are


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Kenny Marks, born Kenneth Michael Marks, November 6, 1950, Detroit, Michigan, has performed on 6 of the 7 continents world-wide over his music career. His family came from Yugoslavia with the surname Makrovich, but his parents changed to the name Marks when he was born.

Growing up in Detroit, Marks studied classical piano as a kid and learnt to play guitar when he was 15. He tried a group with some guys in high school, then went away to a university on the East Coast. His classical background is reflected on a track from his latest album 'Another Friday Night' called 'You Made A Difference For Me' probably one of the most unusual songs that he has ever recorded.

Kenny Marks was one of the mainstay artists in CCM from his debut album in 1982 'til the end of the decade. Songs such as "Make It Right", "The Party's Over" and "Right Where You Are" were regularly in circulation on Christian radio and are still considered by many today to be CCM classics. His music had an AOR/Bryan Adams vibe to them which carved him a niche in the industry. He continued to release albums up 'til 1995, exploring a more melodic ballad driven sound.

Guiding principle for music, the 5 E's.

  • Entertain: Music should be enjoyable…something that is capable of pleasing a wide spectrum of people.
  • Encourage: Music should lift the spirit and encourage people in their lives.
  • Enlighten: Music should ‘open doors & windows’ in people’s hearts, minds, and spirits.
  • Enhance: Music should build up the work of the Church.
  • Enlist: Music should draw others to become involved in the work of the Gospel worldwide.